Welcome to the new game guides.

The game guides has been redone from the ground up to be more organized and easier to read. These guides are specifically for All the Mods 6 and to a lesser extent All the Mods 6: To the Sky. An All the Magic 2: Spellbound section coming soon.


All the Team


If your new to modded, allthemods, or minecraft in general, please take a look at our getting started guide.

Look in the in game book Allthemodium or search the ores in JEI and view the tooltips. There is additional information in the Allthemodium book.

The chaos guardian is a multi-phase fight. The crystals can only be damaged by the dragon and it's attacks, but the final hit on them will have to come from you to destroy them. Once all the crystals are destroyed, only half the time will it be susceptible to damage, when it doesnt have a blue shield. It has two health bars as well - a red over shield and then its actual HP.

ATM6 1.8.x: terraforged (default does work)
1.7.x or earlier: default. Others have proven problematic.
use: level-type=skyblockbuilder\:custom_skyblock

If your opped (open to lan with cheats on) you can use this command
/ftbchunks admin extra_force_load_chunks @p add
Edit \world\serverconfig\ftbchunks.snbt (ftbchunks-server.toml for pre 1.7.x packs) while the server is OFFLINE, update max_force_loaded_chunks to the value you want, save it, then start the server.

Chunkloading is handled by FTB Chunks. Open your map where you claim chunks and once you have a chunk claimed, shift click that same chunk. It should show a red X through the chunk, showing that it is force loaded.

Create and island: /skyblock create
Go to my island: /skyblock home
Go to spawn: /skyblock spawn
See more commands at Skyblock on Github
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